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Oct 30, 2008

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One of the most important factors in search engine optization is to have the search engine crawlers on your website as much as possible. Why is this so important? This is very important because the more a search engine crawler is on your website the more it is keeping you current on information and rankings.

The big huge websites have a lot of authority because they are continually growing the size of their websites and some at even alarming rates. As these big companies grow the search engine crawlers must continue to be on their site so they can have updated information on them.

To understand this concept you have to think the way a search engine does. A search engine wants to continually have the most updated and complete information on the web that it can have. The more quality information in its index the better there services.

The way they go about this is by having technology crawl the web and index information. The more you feed it the more it wants to come back and the more trustworthy you look.

So how do you get a search engine crawler to continually come back to your website, you invite him. Crawlers find sites through various ways. The best way is by links that point back to your site. It is best to have links on sites that are busy.

Social networks and social bookmarking sites are really busy and the crawlers are constantly in them gathering data. Ping services are constantly being crawled as well as the search engines use them to find updated information.

A perfect example of this is Technorati is like a search engine but it indexes blog posts. Blogs are becoming very valuable as they let people add information to the web in a streamless manner allowing for information to be added to the web at alarming rates.

When you post a blog article you can use pinging services to let the internet world that you have updated your blog with new content. These ping services get your content out there to readers who are looking for updated information and this is where search engine crawlers love to crawl as well.

This will invite search engines to come back to your website. Technorati changes every second with new blog posts and so the search engine crawlers are constantly on technorati gathering data. This is one reason has grown so fast.

Bottom line the more activity that is going on a website the more a search engine wants to know about it. Using ping services, news articles, press releases, article directories, social networks, social bookmarking, and content network sites are just some of the ways search engines can find new information and index it.

As you build an online business your primary goal is to think about how to get the search engines to constantly be on your site. Inviting search engines to come to your site is vital to your success online.

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