Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives?

Jul 29, 2013

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1. One thing in the world that unites us all despite our differences is Facebook. Deep within ourselves, our hope is that our friends will click their like button and post comments on our wall.

2. The differences of a “Facebook addict” and “mentally affected by the usage of Facebook”.

3. A fast way to get your neighbor or friend to be famous or in trouble in one day by just “tweeting on Twitter”.

4. The message that God would pass to man and his people could be replaced by Facebook banner ads.

5. Receiving friend requests from strangers is normal. When your friends on Facebook “unfriend” you, that is abnormal.

6. The more friends and followers a governmental leader has, the more “powerful” and “popular” they are in the world.

7. When you get a follower on Twitter you become excited but what would happen if it was the same in real life? You’d probably get scared and call the cops.

8. Deactivating your Facebook account is like running away from home. In the end, everyone knows you will be back sooner or later.

How has social media affected your own life and your social environment?

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