Keyword Mapping Is Very Important For SEO

Apr 6, 2010

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Keyword Mapping is a very important task to keep track of as site architecture plays a huge role in high search engine success and must always be performed by professional seo companies. Keyword mapping is where you map out the page of your site along with the keywords that you are going to be targeting and assign your target keywords to the individual pages.

Knowing what pages you are going to have on your site and knowing what keywords they are going be optimized for is essential and critical for SEO especially for very large websites. A simple way to explain what an effective keyword map should look like is what an effective is sitemap should look like where all pages of the site or important areas of the site are.

To start to build a keyword map you will simply want to start to layout the major areas of a site along with their corresponding keywords:

Pet Food (pet food)

1. Organic (organic pet food)
A. Dog Food (organic dog food)
A1. Boxers (organic dog food for boxers)
A2. Pit Bull (organic dog food for pit bulls)
B. Cat Food (organic cat food)

2. Dry (dry pet food)
A. Dog Food (dry dog food)
A1. Boxers (dry dog food for boxers)

3. Raw (raw pet food)

4. Premium (premium pet food)

5. Homemade (homemade pet food)

As you can see from the above example you could go on for a long time and that is what you want as a business owner is for the ability to grow a website and have it organized so it is easier for both search engines and especially users who visit the website. This will be especially helpful for the beginning stages of laying out a website and the navigation.

There are other great benefits to keyword mapping:

  • It helps in building a intuitive sales funnel for the website.
  • Acts as a guide for knowing which keywords are associated with which pages.
  • Makes it easier for performing internal linking with correct anchor text.
  • Assists in the building of a HTML sitemap in which you should also put on a website.
  • Keeping things organized and structured.
  • And many more things that having a map is good for.

Before you go on any journey having a map is a very important tool and when going on the journey of building a website and performing an SEO campaign a keyword map is critical in long term success.

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