Microsoft Releasing KUMO Next Week

May 21, 2009

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Microsoft has been around for a while when it comes to building operating systems and there are a lot of Microsoft Window users throughout the world. When it comes to operating systems Microsoft is the leader, however when it comes to search they are far behind.

According to the April US Search Engine Rankings Microsoft only owns a small 8% of the search engine market share. The only reason they were even to get up to that number is because there are still a lot of people who use Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s browser, which has Live as the default search engine.

Microsoft has been trying to make drastic changes in order to better their search engine Live. Next week Microsoft is planning to release their new latest creation called KUMO. KUMO means spider in Japanese. Will KUMO take Microsoft to the next level in trying to move up the search engine market share.

That has yet to remain to be seen, but as Google as become a household name it will be awful tough to make any kind of dent in the Google stronghold.

KUMO’s main feature is its limited number of search results as it will pull back a more focused number of search results. One of the main goals of KUMO is to refine accuracy in search. Only time will see what happens when Microsoft releases KUMO next week.

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