Google Maps "Friend" Tracking

Feb 5, 2009

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Google Maps is adding a new feature where you can see exactly where your friends are at anytime. Google is hoping to be able to provide a service where you can see where all of your friends and family are at anytime.

The new service is called Google Latitude and it works through the service of GPS. Anyone who is interested in knowing where there family or friends are can go to Google Latitude and see their location. It picks up there location by using their mobile devices and wireless towers.

This is an addon to what people could do in 2007 by pushing a button on Google Maps and seeing their exact location.

The new feature is available on your mobile device using Google Maps and also on your computer as an iGoogle gadget. Once you opt yourself into Google Latitude you can see where your friends are who have themselves opted to share with you their location.

Not only can you see where they are located you can also chat with them through SMS, Google Talk, or Gmail.

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