Laying Out Website Navigation

Oct 3, 2008

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When laying out the navigation of a website it is tempting to stuff keywords in there. Do not do this as it is not eye appealing to users. In your main navigation you will want it to be as easy as possible to follow. Here is what you do not want it to look like. Lets say you sell computers and all types of different types of brands. You would be tempted to do something like this. Laptop Computers ( main header) dell laptop computers sony laptop computers apple laptop computers hewlitt packard laptop computers acer laptop computers lenovo laptop computers Do not do this. Although you are using the keywords in the navigation it gets really hard to follow. A better layout would be to just use the manufacturers. Laptop Computers dell sony apple hewlitt packard acer lenovo This provides a more easy to use navigation. Remember to use the navigation tabs for the users, not for the search engine spiders. On your Laptop Computers main page where you have all of the items is where you would include your keywords For Example:

Laptop Computers

Dell Laptop Computers    Sony Laptop Computers    Apple Laptop Computers

Picture                                Picture                                Picture

Hewlitt Packard Laptop Computers  Acer Laptop Computers  Lenovo Laptop Computers

Picture                                              Picture                            Picture

This is where you can hyperlink your targeted keywords to their individual pages. So all of the blank laptop computers would be hyperlinked thus giving you your seo.

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