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Oct 29, 2014

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A Round-up of the Best Five Websites That Teach HTML

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When we hear the word coding many of us get an overwhelming feeling of something complex and extremely difficult; something only the particularly computer savvy can manage. However, coding can actually be quite simple to learn and even fun!

Having a website these days is essential for a business or product to have hope of gaining traction in the market, and coding is the key to having a good looking, easy to manage website. Don’t be afraid any longer and dive into the world of coding! Innovation Simple is here to help you and we have rounded up the five best website tutorials on HTML to help you on your way to becoming an expert at coding!

Learn to Code -HTML & CSS


HTML DOG – HTML Beginner Tutorial

Code Cademy – Why Learn HTML

Mozilla Developer Network – HTM

These five websites can help you to start creating a website design that envelopes your company’s personality and mission. As always, if you ever need more help contact us at Innovation Simple.

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