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Dec 5, 2011

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SEO Management Made Easy

There is no wonder your competitors fight for top rankings to the last drop of blood. Outranking some 10,000+ other websites in your niche bare-handed is no picnic. The helping hand you need is SEO management. It makes SEO smooth, even for a greenie, and really does help in pushing you up to that first rank.

SEO management normally includes reviewing the analytical data supplied by your website through analytical software like Google Analytics. This data can be used to understand how effective your conversion/landing page(s) is and how to tweak it as needed. Proper analysis of the data is the best way to ensure continued improved rankings, traffic, and conversions.

A fundamental part of any successful SEO strategy is keyword and phrase research. You need to know ALL of the keywords and phrases that searchers are inputting when looking for you and your competitors. Obviously you want to be found for more keywords than your competition and rank higher as well. You must therefore know your “keyword universe” and know the priority of your keywords based on search volume and search competition. This will need to be carefully managed as well. Selecting keywords requires finesse. Understanding the balance between choosing relevant keywords and words that are unique is an actual art. Near constant monitoring of the performance of your selected keywords becomes necessary as competitors enter your field as well as the way that potential visitors search for you and your products or services.

One of the largest components of a campaign and the one that takes the most time to manage is inbound links. Growing an organic inbound link list is an ongoing, never-ending process. The key fuel for backlink growth is NEW CONTENT. The consistent (weekly, sometimes daily) addition of new content (articles, press releases, blogs, and more) followed up by the expert syndication of optimized articles to great sites (including social media and bookmarking) are the keys to backlink growth success.

New, unique content is the most vital part of a good SEO management service. Many SEO companies agree only to optimize content but leave the actual creation of that content up to you. It’s always a good idea to work with an internet marketing team that can provide everything you need in the cost of your quote. No matter how good a company is at SEO, without original content, your site’s boost in rankings will start to decline.

Successful SEO management also encompasses a strategy for a business website including the following components:

  1. An on-page search engine and keyword optimized website which can convert traffic into buyers or leads
  2. Using an opt-inform to capture those leads for long term relationship (this is optional but highly recommended).
  3. Off-page SEO in short link building to your domain to get relevant, targeted traffic over a high rank in search engines.

Of course this is very basic, but those 3 items are essential for your successful e-business. The email marketing part is optional, but you miss a great opportunity if you don’t use it. Most visitors to your site will leave forever if you don’t try to incorporate them into an email list. Those are your potential clients, so treat them well.

With a high ranking in the search engines, you get traffic for free. Over 70% of all Internet users prefer to click on natural listings then those ads at the top and to the right of Google.

The alternative to this is buying traffic with AdWords or similar PPC programs on Yahoo or Bing. This is a great way to attract visitors, BUT you need to have a well optimized website and target the correct visitors to turn that investment into a profit.

In the end, just remember that “reputation” is everything. It helps create a good image for your company. SEO content could help deliver a positive impact to your target audience, which will expand your reach to new customers. Determining ways to dominate the industry requires you to monitor your competition, adapt your strategy, and watch the trend of your target market. Idea innovation and management are good approaches to obtain and maintain your place among search engines. There are many components to search engine optimization. It is not just a matter of article writing.

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