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Dec 17, 2012

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By: Mike Green

How Are You Connecting?

2013 will be a maturity year for the Internet Marketing industry. As referenced by this excellent post by one of my colleagues, the internet marketing industry is becoming more about people and relationships, and less about “optimization” for Google’s algorithm. In spite of marketing being an integral part of every day human interaction, Internet Marketers for the most part have left that out of the equation. Their activities are driven by what content is optimized the best according to Google instead of how the reader might respond to the content.

Stay Off My Lawn

For those of us who were in the marketing industry before the internet marketing boom, we collectively shake our canes at you young hip internet marketers with a giant “I told you so, and stay off my lawn”. Since the serpent sold the idea of how good the fruit tastes to Eve, creating a desire to buy has been an integral part of how we communicate with each other. Not just professionally, but in our everyday life. My Dad used to tell me that kids are the best lobbyist in the world. With three kids of my own, I can echo that statement as truth. Marketing, to some degree or another, influences each of us in almost every decision we make during a day. What should I wear? Where should we go eat? What are we going to do tonight? All are driven by who or what has emotionally connected with us. Why should marketing on the internet be any different?

It’s Not Google’s Fault

Google had it right when they first developed their mission statement. The philosophy behind the algorithm was sound when it was written, but the technology could only take the philosophy so far. Each year however, the technology has increased in its ability to humanize search results. The algorithm, in other words, has become far more efficient in its job. Google’s #1 priority is to help their users find what their looking for. If they can do that, they know that the user will be back.

Remember the days where “black hat” marketing was how results were generated? These techniques were all based on how the algorithm could be manipulated. As a matter of fact, I would say that’s the definition of Black Hat Marketing – Manipulation. White Hat Marketing however is all based on empowerment. Sadly, many marketers are still using black hat techniques for their otherwise innocent cliental. A truth in our industry.

What to do in 2013

It’s time to evaluate the goal of your marketing efforts. Did you write that article with optimization in mind, or was that content created with the end reader in mind? How does your content appeal to its readers emotionally? These are all standards that have been followed by traditional marketers for years. Each of which are critical to the success of your client in 2013.

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