Marketing Inconsistently

Apr 14, 2009

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Internet marketing has been one of the marketing mediums that has continued to explode as the internet has become more popular. When it comes to any type of marketing one of the biggest mistakes people make is marketing inconsistently.

In marketing one of the most important aspects is having a continual constant message that is the same. In any marketing medium it is imperative to portray the same message over a period of time instead of having one shotgun blast about one message and another shotgun message about something else.

Do not give up on a particular medium if it does not bring in one call as marketing takes time to measure and most consumers do not purchase from a company until after they have seen your message 7 times. 7 is the average number that statistics show that it takes for a consumer to finally make a purchase from a company.

Whether you are doing SEO, internet marketing, direct mail, email marketing, radio advertising, television advertising or anything else it is imperative to be consistent and have a consistent message along with that consistency.

Far to often companies try to do one type of marketing medium and then stop after 1 campaign. In marketing you want to broaden the different marketing mediums you use, but stay consistent with the message.

I have seen several advertisements from different companies that show different web addresses. I ask only one question, WHY? When doing an SEO campaign there are very important factors when you advertise the domain offline so that people can go bookmark and spend time on that domain giving the domain the boost it needs for SEO.

This can be confusing to consumers if you change your colors, name, and message in all of the advertisements you use.

Make sure to be clear, concise, and consistent in all of your marketing efforts especially when it comes to running and maintaining an SEO campaign.

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