Marketing is Universal: What Sets Innovation Simple Apart?

Jun 20, 2014

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Choose Your Marketing Firm

Marketing is essential to get any company’s brand or product exposed to consumers. For a lot of businesses, it is a challenge to pick the right marketing firm/service that will fit the needs of the brand and the industry that a specific brand is trying to break into. Utah is no exception. There are dozens upon dozens of energetic marketing firms eager for the chance to promote your business, but unfortunately not all of those marketing firms are created equally.

Today I want to make a case for Innovation Simple as the firm that will best address your marketing needs. I’ve said it many times, marketing seems nebulous. All you really hope for as a business owner is ‘results.’ You’re willing to pay a fair amount of your hard-earned money to get good marketing, but it’s hard to differentiate when marketing firms are all talk.

The Innovation Simple Difference

Here is the Innovation Simple difference–Innovation Simple is home to both marketing managed and marketing executed. Whether your goals are versatile or set, long term or short term and large scale or small, Innovation Simple listens and adapts to your business’ needs. We specialize in a hands-on approach that gives our clients the peace of mind that every single marketing dollar is working to achieve their goals. We are metric-driven and live by results.

Many large marketing firms don’t know what to do with clients that have a marketing budget under six figures, and small beginning firms don’t have the experience or depth of leadership to really deliver results. Our roots of assisting small to mid-sized local businesses in Utah for a decade make Innovation Simple the perfect middle-ground. We provide our clients quality and effective marketing, even if they aren’t publicly owned or traded on the NASDAQ.

Put Us to The Test

Still not convinced? Let the numbers speak for themselves. Here are case studies that demonstrate the Innovation Simple difference. Here also is a list of our clients. We invite you to discover what Innovation Simple can do for your business.

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