Microsoft Office 2010 Looks The Same As 07'

Jun 16, 2010

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Microsoft Office 2010 has officially been released in retail stores yesterday June 15th and there has been a lot of talk about what the new version of Microsoft Office 2010 is like compared to the Microsoft Office 2007 productivity suite. The new 2010 version has now gone to the cloud with its Office Web Apps, however Microsoft has an uphill battle against Google’s Docs program. Here is a good article on how Office Web Apps vs Google Docs.
microsoft office 2010 compared to office 2007

You can download a Free Trial of Microsoft Office 2010 and check it out. Microsoft has put together a new trailer to get people excited about their new Office 2010: While there are some changes to some of the functionality of Office 2010 as compared to Office 2007 the ribbon theme is still present at the top with some exceptions as now Office 2010 does not have the Office logo in the top left corner. Here is a video that has the two versions side by side while still in technical profile: As you can see there have been some updated functions added to the new 2010 as opposed to the old 2007, however the ribbon style UI is here to stay with Microsoft as they have included that now in more of their products. One thing that I like thus far is the backstage experience as some people are calling it.
microsoft office 2010 backstage preview

Feel free to leave your comments on what you think of the new Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite.

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