Music Monday: My Wish List

Dec 9, 2013

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Some Things Are Worth Owning

Since the invention of Spotify, I can’t say I buy a whole lot of music. I love having the world’s music library at my fingertips. Some music, though, is just so good that it’s worth owning. Whether to support the artist financially or just to have a hard copy of their music, sometimes I like to buy CDs. With Christmas coming up, there are a few CDs that have made it onto my wish list:

John Newman – Tribute

I recently discovered the fantastic, 4 piece EP from British Soul-Rocker, John Newman, with the help of a friend. I instantly fell in love with his progressive drive and energy and the way he still seems to hold true to his soulful roots. This week I found out that he’s coming out with a full length album called “Tribute” and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. This is one I would love to get on vinyl.

Dresses – Sun Shy

I stumbled across this duo earlier this year and have been going back to them repeatedly ever since. I’m obsessed with the girl’s voice, but most of all I love the innocent, small town feel of their music. This is exactly the kind of band that I wouldn’t mind spending a little money on in hopes that my 10 bucks keeps them making music for a little longer!

Friendly Savages – O, Joshua!

It’s not very often that I get really into the whole “Folk Revival” movement, but this is one album that I listened to over and over again when I first found it. It’s one of those albums that can be great background music but could easily entertain as much attention as you lend it.

The Moth & The Flame – &

This band is one of my favorite local bands who has only gotten better with the release of this year’s “&”. Even just the title seems to have a story and a whole lot of attitude behind it. To be totally honest, the music they had put out previously (on Facebook and at live shows) was a lot less energized and didn’t call my attention as much. This album, however, is like if Thom Yorke of Radiohead were to write an album with help from members of U2, The Strokes and Fictionist (another local favorite). This album will definitely be a landmark in this band’s career.

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