Networking While You Still Have A Job

Jun 2, 2014

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<h2Networking While You Still Have A Job

Prepare for the reality that we will discuss below

Even if you already have a job, you could lose it due to budget cuts, or for another reason at any time.

Yikes. Is that statement a little bit scary? Sorry about that. But sometimes the truth is important to know. Now that we’ve got the truth out of the way we’re going to talk about something a little bit happier. Why you should network even if you have a job. Now that we know why it’s important (because you could lose your job, or advance to a better job at any moment) let’s talk about how you make it happen.

What isn’t networking while you have a job?

Asking people you don’t know to keep an eye out for available jobs in their workplace

This one should be quite easy to understand. If you’re going to look for a new job asking people whom you don’t know or don’t know well is not going to help you to get a job. This is something reserved for close friends, or at least for acquaintances.

Telling people at your current workplace that you’re looking for a new job

This one, although it may be true, can be inconsiderate (depends on your boss/manager). Sometimes it may be better to be upfront with your boss and let him or her know about your search, or sometimes it may be better to keep it to yourself. It all depends with this one.

Talking bad about your current workplace

Even if you don’t like your current job it is important never to burn bridges. Work relationships are the easiest, and quickest way to get jobs, and bad mouthing past or current workplaces will get you labeled the wrong way.

What Is Networking While You Have A Job?

Staying Focused On Your Current Job

Even while you’re networking it is important to not let work efficiency and effectiveness at your current employer decline. They are the ones paying your bills, not an unnamed future employer, and it is important to respect them.

Have Conversations With Those Outside The Workplace

Probably the biggest way to network while you still have a job is to have conversations with people at different businesses about your ideas for their business. If you’re able to show in conversations that you have skills and knowledge that they need, you’re much more likely to be approached when they need someone new.

Only network during non-work hours

It’s important to keep your current employer happy while networking, and networking at work is not the way to go. Schedule informal meetings before work, during lunch or after work, to keep your current work life and networking work life separate.

Helping Other People Network

Networking isn’t only about you, it’s about what you can do for them. If you find an article you think that your acquaintance at another firm will enjoy, send it over explaining why you think they would find it interesting. Be willing to talk and help other people in their networking, and they’ll help you in return (hopefully).

Good luck networking! Here at Innovation Simple we understand how important it is to have valuable business relationships that are mutually beneficial, and we hope you find some of those relationships in your networking search!

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