Of Cougars and Card Games

Mar 24, 2014

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Bringing Everyone Together

Innovation Simple

A new iOS app was developed recently by a group of BYU students. It’s called Card Table and basically turns an iPad and a few iPhones into everything you need for a card game. You hold your cards on your phone as if they were in your hand. You can shuffle, flip, and deal. To play a card, you just swipe it straight to the “table” (the iPad). The subtle, yet crucial, difference between this app and others though, is that it forces players to interact with each other in REAL LIFE! Now there’s a novel idea: having fun with technology without becoming a hermit. Why didn’t someone think of this earlier? Maybe this will be a whole new direction for mobile app development.

So what was in it for the students? Try 2,500 big ones. Thats right. Two and a half grand, just for inventing a prize-winning app in a Marriott School of Business App Competition. Runners up also had huge cash prizes, but for winners of competitions like these, especially at BYU, the cash prize is definitely not the biggest payoff. The 3 members of the winning time are all headed to Apple this summer, just like BYU victors before them. Competitions like these foster all kinds of big deals for students, especially in an industry like app development.

For more info, read the full article on BYU’s website

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