Predicting the Next Best Social Media Idea

Aug 20, 2013

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Stay A Step Ahead

The future of social networking looks bright as everyone from businesses, celebrities, and regular Joe Schmoe are plugged in and looking for the latest thing in social networking. People love to share ideas and plans (among other things) in the pursuit of feeling a sense of belonging. Knowing this, it is possible to make some predictions when it comes to the direction that social networking is headed.

When it comes to sharing information, one thing that people really thrive on is being able to share cherished memories, thoughts, recipes and personal style. There are many people who use current social media outlets share these things and get a lot of flack for “being annoying”. There has been some talk (and even some action by some organizations and individuals) to invest in social media networks that are based around sharing information between groups of people who have very specific interests (like Bee keeping).

Remember, the mobile industry (social media for cell phones such as Instagram and Twitter) is reaching a huge boom since everyone and their dog owns a smart phone. Investing in social media networks that are mainly smart phone based may be a sensible way to keep up with the latest trends and to develop a network of users who have similar interests to your ideal consumer and who are in constant contact with their network.

When considering the future of your social networking plan, it is also wise to consider the fact that your content must be relevant to the interests of your ideal consumer. If you wish to have high-end social networking leading to high-end clients, you must be able to relate to the wants and needs of your client. This will require the hand of skilled marketers who know the ins and outs of social networking and who has an open mind to the latest trends developing daily.

The longer social media is the main way people communicate, the more important it becomes for companies who want to be successful in online marketing to build rapport with people on an individual level all the while looking forward to the next big idea. Social networking seems to be heading in the direction of sharing precious information with friends, co-workers and strangers alike. Companies who maintain their humanity in social media and who engage fully with their audience are able to grow and move forward along with their consumers.

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