Productive Office Colors

Jul 16, 2014

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Color Scheme

Choosing the right colors for your office.

Making your office productive is not just a matter of being a great manager, it can be a variety of different things. One of those things we want to focus on today is the affect that your office color palette has on your productivity. If you think your office walls need a new coat of paint then this post might help make the “which color” question a little easier.

A lot of science has gone into how colors affect behavior, that information can be found on this website. But we want to keep it simple today and leave out the all the science jargon. Without further adieu we present the 5 colors that increase productivity and good colors to paint your office space!

1. Green-

Green is a color commonly found in nature and thus evokes a natural feeling. Green calms nerves and relaxes, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Green is probably the most popular decorating color right now.

2. Blue-

Blue is the color that provokes the most productive behavior. It is a very stimulating but still soothing color to the mind and thus creates higher performance in work as your mind is moving faster but not overwhelmed.

3. White-

White might seem like a boring and plain color but there is a reason it is so popular. White along with other light colors makes small places seems larger and reflects more light in darker room. It also matches everything when decorating.

4. Yellow-

Yellow is generally associate with optimism. With an increased feeling of optimism, productivity is bound to increase. But when it is too bright, the eye has a hard time taking it in and people generally get angrier faster the brighter the yellow.

5. Red-

Red attracts attention. Because it is a bold color it causes an emotional reaction that stimulates faster breathing and a faster heartbeat. This might not always be a good thing but for short quick bursts of productivity it might be perfect.

In the end these colors are great options if you are open to anything. But if you feel strongly about one color then sometimes it is more important to go with your heart. After all working in a room that is a color you dislike may decrease productivity.

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