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May 11, 2009

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In the web design industry things are constantly changing and new things are developing each day. The internet continues to move at a fast pace and because of this it is vital for all businesses to use a professional web design firm.

As I speak to many companies I am shocked at the way they treat their online presence. They spend a ton of time, energy, and money on the offline side of things in tools, offices, employees, etc and then when it comes to their website they say “the boss’s son is going to build our website”. The boss’s son is in high school and they think that he will do a great job at building this million dollar companies website.

You might be laughing to yourself as you are reading this or be thinking that you have done this exact same thing, but this is a sad case of business owners not knowing what they need to do and how professional web design firms can help them.

The first item of business to tackle is the idea of freelancers. I have spoken to several companies who had someone build their website a while ago and now they have finished school or something and have moved or work another full time job not doing web design.

Professional web design firms are the only way to go if you want to have a website that is built by professionals. Sure there are great freelancers out there doing great work, but that is very rare in any industry.

It is best to have a company that solely specializes in one field of interest and knows what they are doing along with staying up on the news and improvements with that particular industry. Web design is definitely one of those industries that you will want to have someone who is continually educating themselves on the news and improvements in the industry.

Having a professional looking website is very important to making a company look professional, credible, and reputable. One of the biggest problems in the web design industry is the lack of communication that clients receive from their web designer and/or programmer.

As you look for a web design firm to build your companies website make sure you review what others are saying about them, their work, and most importantly their customer service.

If you are a company that puts your website in the advertising and marketing budget then think again. Having a website is not about just marketing it to make money from, it is as vital as having a business name and a logo.

There are several web design firms across the United States who specialize in various aspects of web design and marketing. Innovation Simple is one of the premier web design companies in St. George Utah and services all of Utah and Las Vegas.

Bottom line is if you want to have a professional website you need to have a professional build it.

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