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Oct 6, 2014

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What Makes a Great Marketer

As our world continues to evolve, technology is becoming increasingly more important in the marketing of businesses large and small. This article is aimed at highlighting some of the best marketing professionals out there to get a better sense of what makes a successful marketer.

We’ll start off with Jay Baer. Author of New York Times best seller “Youtility” and current marketing keynote speaker, Baer starts our list off setting the bar high. With three successful start-ups under his belt, Baer is a great example of a successful marketing professional. Baer also has a content marketing blog ranked number 1 in the world and a social media blog that brings home the bronze medal.

Next up is Jennifer Slegg and she lives and breaths marketing strategy. Slegg currently writes about SEO, marketing and social media marketing. Her LinkedIn profile says that she is “an extensively published author on many aspects of Google, search engine optimization & marketing, and social media marketing”. For great tips on getting your marketing going visit

Matt Southern is an “unabashed geek” reigning from Sudbury, Ontario, and his main focus is to breakdown complex subjects into easily digestible tidbits. He started his career helping client improve their SEO and social media marketing campaigns, but quickly learned that he was more gifted at writing about how to do those things instead.

With marketing becoming more important everyday, we would all do well to learn that writing good content is paramount to the overall effectiveness of a marketing campaign. So if you aren’t writing content, start today and begin to generate an online presence that will help your business grow.

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