Ranking Factors From Rand Fishkin

Jun 14, 2010

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Mike McDonald from Web Pro News interviewed the CEO of SEOmoz.org, Rand Fishkin, at the 2010 SMX Advanced in Seattle where they talked about search engine ranking factors and what the search engines are really looking at. Rand covers some of the seo myths that are still out there like keyword density and h1 tags.


This is really good information and goes to show that search engines still do rely heavily on the amount and type of links that point into a page. Rand continues to explain that it is not only the amount of links, but the unique domains of where those links are coming from. There is a big correlation between websites that rank well and the number of unique domains with inbound links.

SEO is continually changing, yet Rand says that a lot of the basic seo principles and activities that we did 3 and 4 years ago still work today.

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