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Aug 25, 2014

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Why SEO is Important to Your Brand

SEO is a buzzword right now in the tech industry. Everyone says your business needs to have it, and everyone promises to get you to a better place financially with it. Is SEO all hype, or is it a key ingredient to business success? Honestly, a little bit of both.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a recent development with the advent of big data and more sophisticated search engine capabilities. When using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo (yes, Yahoo is a search engine) the list of website results is anything but random. The first three pages is largely made up of paid placements. Companies dish out millions of dollars a year to appear higher on search engine results than competitors. Other early results on search engines appear as a consequence of earned or organic placement: companies that optimize their websites to rank well for certain key terms and phrases.

Online Placement is Key

Ask yourself, when is the last time you looked past page five of results on Google? How about ten? Chances are, never. Google touts its ability to generate thousands of relevant results pages, but the average consumer rarely makes it past page two without finding what he/she needs. Here is the point of SEO: if your website is buried past page five, consumers will never find you. The most beautiful and well-done website will do absolutely nothing for a business if consumers have no way to easily access it.

The Need to Stand Out

It is estimated that there are currently 644 million active websites on the internet. Sure, many belong to kitten bloggers and have absolutely no traffic. However, around seven million is where the competition for visitors tightens. How can your business stand out online? Search engine optimization. The task to rank well among so many other websites is daunting, particularly if SEO is a new concept to your business. Your business may not have millions of dollars to pour into higher placements in search engine results, but it can rank organically just as high for a fraction of the cost. Innovation Simple has specialized in helping small to mid-sized businesses rank online for more than a decade.

A good SEO ranking will provide greater results and greater marketing ROI than other channels. Take your business where your consumers are, and that is online. Call today for a consultation on how you can optimize your business’s website. Here are some basic tips to get you started.

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