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When doing search engine optimization (seo) it is important to know how the search engines see your website. Search engines do not see websites the same way people see them. Search engines do not see flashy pictures and images, they can only see and read text.

Making a website that is friendly to the search engines to crawl is very important and the better and easier you make it for them the better for you. The faster they can crawl the code the better.

There are several ways to see a website the way a search engine does and today I am going to talk about SEO-Browser. This is a website that you can enter any url and it will show you what the website looks like to a search engine.

There are two different types of analysis modes, simple and advanced. Simple will show the text of the website and advanced will show that plus the meta data of a website which includes the title, description, and keywords used for the page.

There are other links as well like view source code, dns report, link checker, code validating, http viewer, css style-sheet and more. You can also set the type of user agent that you want to look at like googlebot, slurp, msnbot, teoma and others.

Here is what the home page of looks like in the advanced mode of seo-browser:

seo browser advanced mode

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  1. JT on 10 Nov 2008 at 10:06 am

    I really like this website because it shows me how to see my website the way the search engines see my site. I like all of the information that it gives as well.

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