Signs That Your Website Sucks

Apr 28, 2009

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As many internet users browse through the web they find a lot of websites. There are a lot of websites that stink and users know that as they browse through the web. Here are some signs that your website sucks:

1) No Traffic: if your website is up and receiving no traffic then that is a sign that what you have is not being used. If something is not being used then what is the point in having it. Even if you do not do SEO you should be getting some traffic just from telling your current customers about your website and other forms of marketing like newspaper, radio, t.v., etc. Doing SEO for any website is by far the best forms of advertising a website as more and more people are using search engines to find things. Local Search is continually climbing as well where people are using search engines to find local businesses.

2) No Call To Action: having a website and having no call to action (cta) is a huge mistake. A call to action is anything that gives a visitor something to do. There are many forms of call to action like call phone number, email me, fill out form, buy now, etc. Your website must tell a person what to do. If you do not tell them what to do then what do you expect them to do. Not having a call to action on a website is a fatal mistake.

3) Have Traffic, No Sales: if you are receiving traffic to your website and not receiving any sales or conversions then this is an obvious sign that your website sucks. No conversions means no money and that is always not a good sign. There are many factors that could make a website not receive conversions so you just have to go through all of them through your analytics.

4) Crappy Content: visiting a website that has crappy content is never a fun thing to do. Users want to visit a website to see what types of things they could research, view, or do for entertainment. No matter how good a website looks, if it has content that is not good then it does not matter how well the design is. The design and content go hand in hand and must compliment each other.

These are just a few signs that will tell you as a website owner that your website sucks and needs an overhaul or some adjustments. When building and maintaining a website the number one goal is to provide users something that is of value. If your website provides value to consumers it will always do well even if it does not have the best design.

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