Smartphones Taking Over In 2011

Dec 27, 2010

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google's mobile operating system android Smartphones are beginning to get more hype as time goes on and more and more companies are looking to sell more smartphones than ever before. Google has made huge moves in their mobile operating system Android. They went from having 30,000 activations a day to over 300,000 activations a day which was really impressive.

2011 is starting to look even better for those in the smartphone industry as many retailers are looking to dramatically increase market share. Smartphone manufacturer HTC who makes a few Windows 7 mobile devices and the Evo is expected to triple their 2010 output in 2011 resulting in 60 million handsets that will look to be sold. HTC executives have informed their suppliers that they will need enough parts and components to make 60 million handsets.

According to one expert in the industry, Seth Weintraub recently has stated that there is an expectation of over 500 million smartphones that will be sold in 2011 with Google’s mobile operating system Android. This prediction is based on more manufacturers making more chips for smartphones and prices going lower so more people can afford them.

This is expected to be up from 269.6 million that was sold in 2010 and 173.5 million that were sold in 2009. This technology is continually gaining market share and more importantly changing the way people can access the internet. This power to look at websites on the go is crucial knowledge for web design companies who have to make sure that they design websites for use on these devices.

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