Social Media Etiquette

Jun 13, 2013

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Manners Matter

When you were little your mother taught you manners that would help you later in life. “No elbows on the table,” “chew with your mouth closed,” and the ever famous “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” These skills have helped all throughout your life and have even found their way into your business dealings (we hope).

So what happens when social media arrives? Now you are probably the one trying to explain it to your mother (with no success). Who is there to teach you the finer points of social media etiquette? I’m not your mother, but I’ll try and give it a shot. Here are a couple of things to remember with social media:


Remember who you are posting as. It’s like that little legal jargon they have at the beginning of every interview. You know what one I’m talking about? “The views of this person do not represent the views of the entire company.” Except in your case your post has to reflect the ideals of the company, so do so wisely.

Remember who you are posting to. If your clientele are a serious group it may be wise to leave the funny cat memes to your personal social media accounts.


When you think a picture, meme, infographic, etc. is good MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WHO IS POSTING IT BEFORE SHARING. Sometimes vulgar or radical groups have good media that you want to share, but when you share it their name comes too, something that looks like this: “@#*%)#! Pollute the Earth!” The same goes for re-tweeting and re-pinning on Twitter and Pinterest.

If you post a link or photo on your Facebook don’t immediately go and like it. It just looks sad when you like your own photos and links, especially if no one else does.

Keep all of these in mind to make your mother (and me) proud.

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