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Feb 14, 2013

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Scott Christofferson

Online Marketing is Here to Stay

Online and digital marketing has grown into something much more than just an optional feature of your marketing strategy – it has become a must for most businesses.

Many small and medium sized businesses know they don’t need to have a social media presence just to have a social media presence, but there are other problems they fall into. Here are a few things to remember:

Plan to Make Engagement = Conversion

Engagement, engagement, engagement. That’s all we seem to hear about when it comes to social media. Think about it this way – if someone likes your post, how will that potentially lead to conversion? Although some may be engaging with your content it doesn’t mean that they’re going to suddenly start buying your product or service (maybe a small percentage), but most of them will be neutral.

Getting your followers to engage with your content is only part of the battle, and the rest of it is directing them to your products or services. Posting updates about your company or maybe a deal every once in awhile is always helpful too. Think of social media as a great way to enhance your SEO effort as well. It’s the perfect opportunity to write using certain keywords and post links directly to your products and services.

Balanced Updates

Company updates are good but it’s important to avoid the trap of only making posts that are trying to make a sale. Most followers don’t like companies that are constantly trying to sell them something, which makes it crucial that you find a balance between posts that serve your interests and theirs.

Create a content calendar that has a healthy ratio of company updates and content that will benefit your customers. Five to one is a healthy ratio — five posts in your audience’s favor to every one post in the interest of your company.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We are taught that every business should have a Facebook and Twitter page. And yes, there are many positives to this, but not every business is built the same way. Which naturally leads to some social platforms being better than others for each business. It’s important that you decide how social media will complement the activities of your site. Every social media platform has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and depending on your business you can decide which platforms will benefit your business most.

Because you know your business well, it’s important that you decide what type of people you’d like to get to know and then decide where your social media focus should be. Focus on a social media platform or two first and then expand your reach as you build your audience and presence.

What tips have helped you most to manage your social media presence?

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