Sony's New Campaign

Apr 21, 2014

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Of Engineers and Artists

I’ve said it at least a hundred times. The key to branding is to create a message. You want to give your audience an image and cause–a banner that they can wave overhead as the rest of the troops gather. You want to give them something they can identify with

That is EXACTLY what Sony has just done. With their new “Be Moved” campaign, they are focusing what happens when engineers and artists share control over the product design process. Their campaign website, complete with parallax scrolling and interactive graphics, gets this message across very clear: “Our products are different because we care about both the functionality and the experience. Our products are not just useful, they’re also meaningful.”

Sound familiar? (see also: Every Apple campaign ever)

Obviously you can’t just go around making big claims like that, though, and not have anything to back it up. Check out this ad featuring one of Sony’s most innovative products since the Walkman:

So there you have it! Magical things happen when engineers and artists put their differences aside and band together for the greater good! Not only can you control a lense-style camera from your phone, you can also run into the same adorable hipster girl who ruined your favorite shirt this morning, only now she’s got a cool Sony camera-phone combo, too. I think the message here is not only “Be Moved”, but “Be moved to buy our cool camera and suddenly every negative thing that happens to you will lead to great pictures and falling in love with a complete stranger”.

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