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Nov 7, 2013

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Be Sure to Stand Out

On LinkedIn there are great profiles, okay profiles and horrible profiles. But we don’t need to discuss the okay and horrible profiles. Today we’ll be discussing a few things that will help you to have a great profile – tips that will help you land your next job!

It really isn’t enough to just fill out your profile anymore. You have to become someone who engages (yeah, that engaging (and often pesky) person we often talk about).

LinkedIn recently blogged about a few ways to shine on LinkedIn – I’ll cover a few:

1. Update Your Status

As a LinkedIn user it’s important to update your status at least once a week. If you do, you’re 10 times more likely to be scouted for new job opportunities. You definitely don’t want to over post but sharing valuable articles, blog posts and newsletters gives value to your connections.

2. Have a High Quality Profile Picture

People want to see your face. And as the LinkedIn blog post stated: “People always dress for the job they want.”
And this may seem obvious but LinkedIn profiles with a profile picture are seven times as likely to be viewed. And be sure your photo is recent and representative of your actual appearance. And honestly, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a photo. It may be worth it to have a photo taken by a professional.

3. Be Positive (Don’t Be Negative)

We all have negative friends. They complain on every social media platform. Do not complain – especially on LinkedIn.
You want to be professional on your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you follow your top 10 dream companies and follow them. And don’t forget to follow your own company, too. And whatever you do – don’t be a Negative Nancy.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s pretty simple to stand out on LinkedIn. So start standing out today!

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