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Nov 4, 2009

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When a company plans to go into a particular market part of that plan must take into consideration that they are going to steal market share from another company. When we do SEO that is the main goal, which is to take a company to the top of the search engines and by default move those that are up there currently down the ladder. In business there is a common phrase “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business”, and stealing market share is part of the business game. Two of the most common used words in the seo game is reputation and authority and if your company does not have it, then you do not control the market. Reputation and authority do not come overnight, but they do come to those who are diligent in doing what it takes to be constantly be on the minds of their customers. In order to create TOMA, top of mind awareness, several strategies have to be deployed and when it comes to the online strategy, search engine optimization should be at the front of every business owners mind when it comes to stealing market share. There are some distinct characteristics of successful companies and one of the major ones is that they want to dominate and dominate in a huge way. They do not feel bad about the other guys who are out there busting their buts because they only care about how big of the market they can grab. Lets take the powerful Wal-Mart company for example, when it comes to stealing market share they know how to do it in a big way and the corporate executives have the goal of continually increasing that market share. Every business should have this mentality that every day they need to somehow increase their market share and not be afraid of “Oh no if we do this then that other little company might go out of business.” This may sound tough but those who are in the SEO business live by one thing and that is dominance. Getting a #1 ranking in Google for a particular keyword phrase is dominance and a King of the Mountain type of mentality. Grab your share of the market and steal it if you have to by doing seo for your business today.

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