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Nov 29, 2011

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Becoming a Successful SEO | Work, Work, Work

The Core of an SEO Expert

There is no secret to search engine optimization. It’s just like playing a sport. If you want to win, you have to work hard, set goals, and actually accomplish those goals. There are so many instances where I have examined a certain client and their SEO needs, set some goals, immediately got caught up with another project, and forgot about those goals. That is the first problem that SEO experts should tackle and overcome.

What defines a successful SEO? That’s simple. The results of your SEO efforts will mirror the actual quality of those efforts. If you’re a good SEO, it will show in the search engines.

For me, search engine optimization has simply become a hobby. I love taking nothing and turning it into something; something that the whole world can clearly see just by typing in a small phrase into Google. That is COOL! An SEO expert needs that drive and motivation to become the best.

Prove That You Are a Successful SEO

I recently read “Are You a Successful SEO? Prove It.” written by Cameron Masters over at SEOmoz. He provided some excellent ways on how you and others can verify that you really mean business. Here is a basis of what Cameron explained:

  1. Ranking is a perfect way to know if you are successful. Your clients may want you to win for the easiest keywords in the world, and others may have extremely challenging ones they want you to work on. Focus instead on gains/losses that are incurred because of your SEO work. Did your client rank on page five for “Fuzzy Mittens” previously? Did you write some content, build some links, and develop a social network, and now they rank on page two? I’d say that’s a pretty good start. Direct rankings as correlation to how successful you are is bad. OVERALL impact is good.
  2. Your website must explain to individuals who you are and exactly what you implement with SEO. You might like to generate the information in partnership with your search engine optimization crew for taking benefit of market and keyword research and positioning.
  3. Concerning to the very best SEO outcomes, your own domain address needs to have a distinctive business identity and also an explanation of your online business, generally your primary search term. It must be fairly brief, very easy for visitors to keep in mind, and professional.
  4. How many links are you building? Honestly, it doesn’t even matter. Consider how many QUALITY links you are building. Did you work your rear end off all week and get five links that are totally related and are super powerful? Or did you put in a few hours and get a couple dozen directory submissions and comment spams? Think about how powerful the value is that your links are passing. Is Google seeing you as a high quality resource with a strong back link profile, or are you setting off their spam radar?
  5. Are you a good writer? How do you know? Have you ever let other people read your content before it goes live, or are you worried they are going to tell you it’s terrible? Has anything you have ever written gone viral? Try using an online proofreader like Paper Rater to proofread your articles, and check for plagiarism issues before you go live with your new content. Another really simple snuff test is to copy and paste a large section of your content and search for it in Google. You may want to consider revising if there is another site that has lots of similar content.

Overall, if you want to become a successful SEO, just do your best to tell the truth to search engines. Don’t cheat. Be unique. Cater to the customer and they think and act, and you will be rewarded. Whether you perfom SEO for a law firm, a toy factory, or the local pizza shop, you can find ways to work hard, have fun, and dominate each of those markets on the search engines. Pin point the market and its customers, set reasonable goals, do your best to achieve those goals, and most of all, keep up the the search engine algorithms. Give them what they want and you will succeed as an SEO.

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