The Art of Neighbor Gifts

Dec 18, 2013

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Giving Christmas gifts can be awkward. We’ve all been in a gift giving situation we wish we could forget. I gave a family some homemade fudge last year only to discover that the entire family is vegan. Of course for every failure there is a success. A few years back I had to army crawl past a security camera to deliver the 12th day of Christmas to a friend. If it weren’t for his infrared camera I would have gotten away with it.

What kind of gifts should you give your neighbors to avoid the awkward moment at the door where your gift is obviously put into a mental garbage bin? Holiday success is having your gift regifted. Having your gift regifted is a compliment. Your gift was good enough to be given away again under your neighbors name and reputation. That is the goal.

I think the key to being regifted is to avoid cooking. Sometimes we think we make good treats and we don’t. If you have the world’s best english toffee there would be people lined up outside your door begging to buy it. My point is you’d know it’s good. Avoid baking your gifts unless people ask you to.

Gift cards are the classic. A gift card is often deemed an inconsiderate gift. If you put enough time into your gift even a gift card can be thoughtful. Here is how I do it. I go to my favorite taco shop (I’m not kidding) or other cultural, hidden joint. I get a gift card and write a note about how good a specific dish is at the restaurant. Make sure it is your favorite place to eat on a casual date night. Don’t choose Chili’s or Sizzler. Even if those are your favorite places to eat. Try to get something new and cultural.

Dishes, decorations, and candles get dropped right into the regift bin when they come to my place. Which is our goal. So go ahead and throw some of those in for a sure-fire regift.

Giving gifts is a good tradition. Remember why you are giving gifts. The goal is to create and strengthen relationships with your neighbors. Give the gift of time. Invite a family out for dinner. Have some neighbors over for dessert. The gift of time is the best gift for kindling new friendships.

What are your gifting strategies?

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