The Difference Between Instagram and Vine Videos

Aug 30, 2013

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Last month Instagram took another shot at Vine with its import feature which allows users to record more video after the pre-recorded footage.

This allows users to add two shorter pre-recorded videos into one Instagram post till the 15-second limit is reached.

Another feature of the Instagram video is the option to choose how the users can square-crop the clip to keep the action front and center. The social app update also brings automatic straightening for iOS devices. The in-app camera allows the user to straighten their photo with a single tap of the button.

A crooked photo never looks eye-appealing which is why Instagram took the initiative and made this important feature for its users this year.

Vine, on the other hand, updated its feature to combat Instagram by including more social networking features, redesigned camera and new ways to gain more followers. Its camera feature also has a grid, focusing capability and “ghost tools”.

The “ghost tools” allow users to view their previous shot, so they can figure out how to set up their next video, a tool used primarily for stop-motion animators, a trending community within Vine.

Vine also included 15 social networking channels for users to submit their videos to. “Re-Vine” video feature enables users to promote the creations of other fellow Vine users in their network. The “On the Rise” feature allows users to check out who the most trending popular Vine users are.

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