The Downtown Provo Renovation

Sep 27, 2013

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As the weather and temperature around the country is changing to fall season, so has the downtown Provo feel and looks in the past few months. A new facelift that has been much needed for many years of Provo’s business district since been established in the 1800s.

Allegiant Airlines, Provo City Center LDS temple, Nu Skin expansion, Utah Valley Convention Center amd Provo Central Bank are names of projects and businesses listed that have been completed or in construction within the past few months. Some downtown Provo construction proposals that the Provo City Council have in mind for the upcoming years are the University Tower, 63 East Condos, and the Freedom Plaza.

The question to this is why does renovation to downtown Provo been happening as of late?

With the recent fire of the Provo Tabernacle and the building of the Nu Skin expansion, downtown Provo has taken a jump to change the city’s image. A more modern, sleeker and updated design of buildings has been enforced on the downtown businesses and overall feeling for residents and visitors to experience. These are some benefits of the renovation of Provo but the power behind this move for the downtown district is by the Redevelopment Agency’s undertaking and programs that’s taken in effect.

Revitalizing Provo’s central business district and the surroundings neighborhoods actually empowers to undertake tax increment financing as granted by the State Legislature. Center Focus is what downtown stakeholders are organizing to work to carry out this plan for the city of Provo.

Some of the benefits from this plan are for pedestrians in downtown to better identify businesses as they stroll down the street. Through the Blade sign grants, the city is able to post up pedestrian-oriented streets to mark closely spaced shops, restaurants and service businesses.

What are your feelings and ideas about downtown Provo’s plan for a new look for the future?


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