The Effective Combination of PR and SEO in Today’s World

Aug 2, 2013

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PR and SEO have once been isolated from each other in terms of how they function. With modern technology, PR and SEO have become nearly identical goals- to gain earned media. In both cases, they need relevant, informative and newsworthy content for each to functionally produce an outcome.

A few ways that PR and SEO can work together are included below:

Influencer Outreach

The purpose of an influence outreach person is to assist in boosting a brand’s online reputation. SEO and PR can complement each other to define, reach and adjust to social influencers. Having a partnership can secure future media relationships with key influencers in social networks that both parties can value.

Updated Press Release

Combining multimedia channels such as video interviews and putting popular keywords into a press release is used by SEO tactics that can boost a company’s website traffic.

Keyword Links

A long list of media placements by a PR professional can help serve as a greatly effective form of link building for SEO professionals. An SEO team can contact the outlets and can help grow the overall number of links pointing back to the organization’s domain page.

PR Stunts and Events

By working together, SEO and PR professionals can share the word about events through social influencer outreach, submitting local community listings and generating hype before the event. Inviting journalists, bloggers and other influential advocates to the event and it will be covered by these influencers for you.

Editorial Calendar

To create content, editorial calendars help by staying consistent, avoiding disjointing messages, create less confusion for internal contents, social updates and external targets.


Some basic pillars of editorial guidelines for high-quality content are giving unique angles to a story, a clear audience in mind, sharing new information if it’s backed up by research, offers a solution and if it’s not thin content. Many more things are also important such as having a strong on-page content like an “about” page within a business and the webpage copy being search-engine friendly.

How will your company use SEO and PR in your marketing strategy?

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