The History and Growth of St. George

Sep 30, 2013

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Jake Wixom

What Makes the City of St. George Great

St. George, Utah was founded in the late 1800s as the “Cotton Mission” of the LDS church. Since then it has grown into the 8th largest city in the state and is consistently one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. This rapid growth has been the result of a number of things.

Location, Location, Location

First of all, St. George is strategically placed on Interstate 15 between Las Vegas, NV and Salt Lake City, Utah’s capitol. Millions of travelers every year pass through St. George on their way to the many larger cities that I-15 passes through, many even stop and spend the night. This has undoubtedly contributed greatly to both the financial growth of the city, as well as the number of visitors who fall in love with it and later return with a more permanent stay in mind.

Best of Both Worlds

St. George has many of the benefits of a larger city, but with that lovable, small-town feel. Surrounded by world-famous tourist destinations, many are surprised to find out that It is a remarkably safe city. It has some of the best golf courses in the nation, resorts that are so amazing that they are frequented by various celebrities, and outdoor sports attractions that have earned it the reputation as a sort of “Mecca” for rock climbers, mountain bikers and hikers alike.

Every Kind of Paradise

Lastly, the climate of this beautiful city is about as good as it gets. The summers can get hot but the many pools, lakes and reservoirs offer great ways to escape the heat. Fall is gorgeous, especially around Pine Valley (north) and Zion National Park (northeast) where the beautiful fall colors can be seen in all their splendor. St. George has what is probably the most convenient winter you can find, as it is brief and harmless in town but features the option of driving less than 30 minutes north to find a more typical, snowy, winter environment. Spring, like fall, is beautiful and almost always the perfect temperature for enjoying the many sites and attractions that the area has to offer.

If you decide to visit this amazing city, be sure to stop by our office to visit us! We’re located at 249 East Tabernacle Suite 202 and we would love to see you!

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