The Snapchat Obsession

Jul 30, 2013

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Jonathan Rose

What is Snapchat?

Any teenager can tell you about the fun and hilarious new app designed for smart phones that has swept the nation with its popularity. The app allows users to send pictures to friends for a limited amount of viewing time (10 seconds or less). After the viewing time is up the picture is permanently deleted to never be seen again.

Teenagers especially enjoy this app by “snapchatting” each other hilarious pictures of themselves making ridiculous faces. The app also allows you to text a short message or draw on your pictures before you send them. Although some accounts are used for the sending of promiscuous pictures, the original intent of the app was directed towards light hearted and laughable fun.

What About Screenshots?

Although there is no protection against someone embarrassing you by screenshotting your six chin Snapchat, when one of your recipients screenshots your Snapchat, the Snapchat app will notify you. If you send your picture for a very short amount of time, viewers will not have time to screenshot your picture.

The Creators

Spiegel and Murphy were students at Stanford University when they initially proposed the idea of a impermanent photo app to their classmates. They were laughed at during their initial proposal in 2011 but now they are the ones laughing as they watch over 20 million photos being “snapped” each day of July 2013.

How to Succeed on Snapchat

Like all social apps, there are a few simple rules and tips that most users share. Rules like ‘don’t be annoying’ should be standard, but you’d be surprised by the many users whose common sense seems to get lost when they enter the realm of social media.

You can easily impress your friends with your amazing photos you send via Snapchat. Don’t send too many, don’t send too few, perhaps one to three snaps a day, depending on your relationship with those you send them too.

Snapchat video is a new feature that you can also use. Although video snapchatting is not my personal favorite, many users find creative ways to share comical videos in the limited ten seconds you’re allowed to film.

Make your pictures interesting and hilarious. It’s okay to embarrass yourself and have a little fun. The picture will be permanently deleted in seconds anyway. A slight tilt of the head, a crazy smile, or drawing a crown on your picture will make your snapchats entertaining and fun. It’s got to be healthy to set your inhibitions aside and let your ugly side come out! Some find it more natural than others.

Some Creative Usage

Below you’ll see some fun snapchats I found extremely creative and entertaining.

Now go have fun. Join the millions of hilarious photo senders storming the nation on Snapchat!

What other creative ways have you used Snapchat?

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