How Much Time Does It Take To Get In The Top 10

Dec 17, 2008

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Many people have asked the question for SEO, how long will it take to get into the top 10? This is a very broad question and one that is very hard to answer because those who do SEO do not control the algorithms of the search engines.

There are 200 factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking pages and the other search engines have their own algorithms as well which work differently then Google’s. The main thing when answering this question is it depends on competition.

For some keywords that have no competition and traffic it is easy to get listed at a faster pace. This is why it is very wise to use moderators along with your keywords so that your website can rank for several long tail keywords in the beginning as you are targeting the competitive keyword phrases.

The best indicator to determine how long it will take to get a listing in the top 10 rankings in a search engine is to look at who is currently listed in the top 10. The reason you want to do this is because they are the ones that you have to get on top of.

So first you have to analyze the major factors of what these websites have. How long have they been online, how many backlinks do they have, and how many pages do they have in the index are all great indicators to start with.

I use SEOQuake as a quick tool to analyze a website and these things I just mentioned. To see how long a website has been online you can use Whois, to see how many backlinks a website has you should use Yahoo Site Explorer as they are the most reliable when it comes to backlinks, and you can use the operator site: to see how many pages that search engine has in their index for your website.

After analyzing the competition of who is in the top 10 for the keyword you want to target you will have a more accurate assumption of how long it will take to get listed in the TOP 10.

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