Top 5 Online Marketing Tactics for 2013

Aug 15, 2013

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Marketing in 2013

In a world where most people are “connected” for a good part of the day through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks it should be no surprise that a solid online marketing strategy is essential for every business. Without online marketing, you are losing precious, FREE advertising that could lead to hundreds, or thousands or even MILLIONS of hits for your business. Here are 5 amazing online marketing tactics.

Make It Pretty: The top grossing businesses in the world all have strong visual brands that are recognized in seconds. Starbucks, Apple, Nike and other major brands have consistent brands throughout all of their social networks, websites, television advertisements and magazine ads. You can bet in these times where editing software is so accessible that people would be tempted to do it themselves even if they do not know about design. That would be a grave mistake for a business that is serious about dominating the competition.

If there is one thing that EVERY business should do, it is to hire a professional design team to build your brand for you. Have a graphic designer create a unique logo, brand specification and web site that is easily recognizable. Make sure everything looks good on all forms of communication (Facebook, e-mails, advertising, etc.) because today’s consumers associate good looks with good quality.

Be Flexible: Keep in mind that when your viewers are checking out your online content they could be using a tablet, a smart phone, a laptop, or a desk top computer. Your content should be pretty and complete regardless of what method your potential client uses to find you.

Get Mobile: Let’s face it, most people today are connected to their smart phones for a good part of each day. It only makes sense that they would be able to access you through mobile channels. MAKE AN IPAD APP!

Get Gamey: Companies have been very successful with turning non-game applications into game styled applications. This makes for a fun, fast paced and interesting app that involves the viewer fully.

Make Your Brand Count: Since the rise of Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram businesses have become more than just the “big box corporation.” They have developed a newfound audience of epic proportions (Starbucks has over 34 million likes on Facebook). Companies who have created real networks and relationships with their clients can see that their brands are now important to their followers. Their clients are influenced by what is posted and brand loyalty is now at an all-time high for some businesses.

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