Top 5 Reasons To Have A Blog On Your Website

Jun 9, 2011

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The word blog and its concept should no longer conjure images of the cyber geek; home alone on a Saturday night, the click-clack of keyboard rising to a raucous crescendo as rantings. The blog has now evolved into an increasingly powerful online tool. It has been known to propel contemporary writers, previously unknown, to new heights of fame, and spawn political geniuses, technological pioneers and even award-winning screenwriters. And now, more and more, its power is being harnessed to promote online business; because it works.

The point is: fresh content. Search engines dislike stagnant websites. What is meant by this is that sites that display out-of-date content will never see the light of day. Maintaining and running a blog on a regular basis causes your site’s content to be constantly and regularly changing. Updating titles and content tells search engines that you have a site that is dynamic and new, housing relevant and up-to-date information. This should inevitable result in your SEO rating soaring sky-high.

Being a public account is its greatest strength. In fact the whole world, yes the whole world connected to the internet gets to read its contents if they come across it. This is what gives blogs a whole dimension, making it a platform that can be used for multiple purposes.

Listed here are the top 5 reasons from among its many uses:

  1. A Very Effective Marketing Tool: You have heard it before. “If your site is not search engines optimized, it’s like a dead fish in the water even if it’s a shark!” In order for the search engines to find your website, it got to have some relevant information about your site. Using the blog to create articles, posting products and services with search engines optimized keywords will help your website’s ranking. Don’t let anyone else convinces you otherwise. Your $50,000 website may look perfect with all the flashes and animations but to the search engines’ eyes; it means nothing unless you packed it with keywords and relevant contents. The answer is…your blog is the ultimate tools for this.
  2. Ease of Use: You don’t have to know any programming skill in order to update and manage your blog.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: Adding a news article, posting a new blog entry, re-arranging the looks and feels of the blog homepage, etc, are just clicks here and there. No programming at all.
  4. Ease of User Feedback: Unlike your website, your blog is built with end users in mind. This means that anyone can make comment, post feedback and submitting article to the blog. The beauty is that you have full control of the blog. As an administrator, you can configure all the settings to fit your needs.
  5. Trust Worthiness: Studies have shown that people trust your blog more than they trust your own website because they contain other people independent feedbacks and point of views.

It cannot be stipulated enough just how important it is for your business, that you include an online blog to your features. Apart from lending your site a human factor, and not just the static anonymous website feel, blogging could potentially allow you to become a professor of your field, as you share your knowledge with the world while, at the same time, increasing the value and credibility of your business. Keep working at it; don’t let it saturate and your blog could lead you to a treasure cove of willing visitors and potential investors, or more accurately: lead them to you.

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