Tree Like Structure

Apr 20, 2009

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At Innovation Simple, we recommend and consult our clients to typically create a “tree like structure” with the layout of their website pages/links.

This means that the user comes in to the home page and is generally given a few options to try to filter them to the correct portion of the website for their needs. After the user finds themselves in that place, they then get more options related to that topic. After they click another link, then it gets deeper into that topic, thereby creating a tree-like structure as briefly shown below (image by Wikipedia):

After the entrance (encyclopedia), the user finds science and culture. After finding culture, they find arts and crafts etc.. This is the basic idea in creating a tree like structure.

In some instances, this structure can be difficult to achieve. In these cases, Innovation Simple recommends that you simply try your best so that your users do not get overwhelmed by your content. This is something that we are typically always thinking about and trying to improve with each of our clients.

The benefits to creating this tree like structure in your website, is so that users can navigate your enormous amounts of content (content is king) and easily find what they are looking for. In addition, if users can navigate easily you can be assured that Google will like this move as well. Implement this inasmuch as it is possible, without compromising your user functionality. It is all about your users.

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