Tweet Your Thanksgiving

Nov 5, 2013

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If your family Thanksgiving get-togethers are anything like mine, you’ve got dads telling bad jokes (sorry, Dad), teenagers tuning out with earphones, and toddlers fighting over toys while running around the kitchen. Sound familiar? Well, it’s easy enough to remove yourself from the family holiday world by pulling out your phone and entering your own little social media world, but why not combine the two worlds and make the best of both? Here are a couple of tips on how to do it.

1. Tweet the funny stuff that’s happening at your family gathering. When someone tells a good joke, or even a bad one that’s funny, tweet it. If your kid siblings or cousins say something funny, tweet it. You can even tell your family members you’re tweeting what they said; they’ll be flattered you think they’re funny!

2. Follow popular hashtags for Thanksgiving. On the days surrounding Thanksgiving and especially Thanksgiving Day, you’ll start to notice popular hashtags being used. Favorite the ones you like, and share them at the dinner table. Follow celebrities and other popular Twitter accounts to find out what these people are grateful for, or the silly stuff that’s happening during their Thanksgiving holidays.

3. Start your own hashtag and get it trending. Tweet things you’re grateful for, or what your family says they’re grateful for. Tweet about the conversations at your Thanksgiving gathering. Tweet about food. You’ve got a lot of material to work with on such a busy holiday.

There’s no need to feel trapped in either of your worlds because with the right attitude you can make the best of both. Your social media can’t be a part of your holiday season because, after all, we’re grateful for Twitter, aren’t we?

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