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Oct 23, 2008

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If you are running a piece of software that is running your website you want to make sure it is up to date and has the latest version. With technology moving so fast there are always updates and changes happening to all types of software.

Spammers and hackers are now using older versions of website software to hack into and most of the time it is because the webmasters are not updating there website software.

There are many different types of content management systems (cms) out there and one of the most popular is WordPress. WordPress is constantly updating and improving there service along with the many different plugins they offer.

As of right now you still have to manually update your version of WordPress to the latest version by yourself. It would be better if WordPress would automatically update the software or have the webmaster have to update it before they start it up when they do an update, but for now it is very important to update your WordPress software.

Matt Cutts, who is the head of Google’s spam team, recently posted on his blog that if you still are running WordPress 2.1.1 then you have a very good chance of spammers and hackers infiltrating your website. Google is trying to better how they index pages and this does cause a problem.

If you are a webmaster who is still running WordPress 2.1.1 then you will be getting a message from Google that looks like this:

email from google on wordpress security

email from google on wordpress security

source of picture: Matt Cutts blog

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