Using Pinterest for Internet Marketing

Apr 6, 2012

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Pinterest has Become a Social Media Powerhouse

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a popular social media outlet with a focus on visually attracting people with a wide range of interests. At home, we sometimes make pinboards to showcase the things we love the most. Pinterest has merged that into an interactive online experience. Instead of sharing your interests with only your family, neighbors, and immediate friends, you can share them with the whole world.

Can Pinterest be Used for Internet Marketing Purposes?

Pinterest is growing like crazy. As human beings, we love stuff. Not only do we love stuff, but we love to tell everyone in the world about it. So let’s take a step back and look at this in a search engine’s eyes. Google, for example, is leaning more and more towards personal opinion when it comes to ranking a website. If people have had great experiences with your company and write about it online, Google will bump you up a notch. They will reward you for being socially active and giving your customers what they want in the best ways possible.

Could Pinterest be one of those ways? Here’s the thing. Sometimes when Internet marketers find something new to tinker with, they jump into it blindly and start testing things out. They don’t read the rules, guidelines, or fine print. In order to make an impression on the Internet, you need to make sure you’re following the rules wherever you’re at. Pinterest is no exception. There have been reports of spam creeping into Pinterest’s community. That spam is most likely coming from someone trying to advertise or sell something.

When using Pinterest for Internet marketing, you need to make sure you remember the user. Don’t treat them like idiots. Don’t treat Pinterest like a spammy link directory either. Take the time to produce quality content, images, videos, etc. that people will actually pay attention to and be inclined to share.

How Can Pinterest Improve my Search Engine Rankings?

Link building is still alive but not so much in the way we used to do it. Google is looking for links that are created from trust circles. For example, if you take the time to create a relationship with a popular blog or forum related to your industry and they allow you to post a link on their website, Google loves that. That link is coming from a well known source who is “voting” for your website in a way.

When you post something on Pinterest that links back to your website, people can “PIN” what you posted. It’s similar to the “LIKE” function on Facebook. When someone pins your post, their friends and followers can see that activity which may draw their attention to pin your post as well. It’s a neverending circle of potential traffic to your website. But again, make sure you are acting like an actual human being rather than a marketer. People want to interact with people, not robots looking for cash.

Google will then see you as a VIP with all of those people pinning your post. Try it out, and you’ll probably see some success.

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