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Internet marketers are constantly trying new things to increase conversions and traffic. There are many types of tools and applications that are designed to do just this. One of those tools is using a virtual spokesperson on a website.

The first time I recorded a video script was back in March where myself and two other marketers set up a green screen and had a video person record us as we gave our presentations. Although we knew that this technology was not new we wanted to do it because the individuals that we were consulting did not know what we looked like.

We had our suits on and went to work. It was not hard at all and it was fairly fun recording scripts to. We had to take several shots because we were not professional actors but that is what we wanted, we wanted the people to see us.

Much time has passed since then and now I am with Innovation Simple, which is the best web design company is St. George Utah. We are releasing some new products that are the same as what I shot a while ago and some new products that are designed to also welcome visitors.

The Site Usher theory is a very good theory and will continue to increase in popularity and services. The new site is called IUSHER and is going to change the way a lot of internet business owners look at their website and how they use it to attract customers and what they present.

The video spokesperson will allow website owners to do exactly what we did back in March, which is to be able to show yourself to your visitors so they can see you and hear you as if they are personally with you in person.

This will give a website that personal touch and make a visitor feel like your company is more professional and want a visitor to stay longer on your website.

You can see what your website would look like with a website spokesperson on it by using the demo on IUSHER at

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  1. TMJ on 24 Nov 2008 at 10:21 am

    I think there will be a lot more business owners using video on their sites more in 2009 and will highly be focusing on conversions and statistics. Iusher is cool!

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