Ways To Create Linkbait

Jun 29, 2011

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One of the best ways to generate more interest in your blog is through creating pillar posts or link bait posts. These are posts that get other people to link to you and help you in the search engines.

It is well known fact that Links play a crucial role in determining the success of an online business. This is so because search engines place high value to relevant and quality links pointing to a website and thus lead to high search engine rankings. Thus it clearly establishes the significance of Links and therefore webmasters try every way they can to create quality backlinks to their website. Though there are various methods available with SEO, Link Bait or Link Baiting has emerged as an effective method by making use of which, quality links can be created.

ways to create linkbait

Link baiting is an art form of its own, a way to make other people voluntarily link to you. A way to get hundreds or even thousands of organic free links without having to move a finger once the link bait is up, but creating a good link bait that will achieve those results is not easy at all. However, there are ways through which link baiting can.

Like we said, link baiting is an art form and explaining how to achieve the mastery of that art is a long process and not made for everyone, but to get you closer to that goal here are a few tips to pay attention to, creating link baits:

  1. Pick the niche(category of website such as business or marketing) which you plan on setting up a web presence in. This is the most important step and when you choose a niche make sure that you are very passionate about the subject.
  2. Set up your web presence on whatever platform you choose. If you lack experience in programming then higher a professional web design agency like Innovation Simple to assist you.
  3. Create excellent, unique, well written content. This is the step which will be the creation of the link bait and should be the step which you spend the most time on. There are a few things which make content link bait and those are making sure the content is unique, well researched, helpful, descriptive, and useful enough for the reader that rather than trying to recreate with their own words they choose to place a link on their web presence and therefore you have successfully created link bait.
  4. Once you feel that you have created content that is considered link bait you should let the world know that it exists. If you have truly created link bait then a full blown marketing campaign is not necessary. You should submit to 50 or so high ranking social book marking sites and around 10 free press release sites. This will give people a chance to look over your content and decide if they would like to send links towards the web presence.
  5. The process of link bait is a continual process and should not be done only once. After your first successful creation try your hand once more and see if you can create more and more content which carries its own weight in terms of marketing and links.

Creating link bait takes a lot of practice and time. Do not expect your first creation of content to be a huge success, but rather a stepping stone towards the constant creation of link bait. It can be easy, but it can be tough as nails. But in some cases people create a link bait without even realizing it, so just concentrate on high quality content and you can create a solid link bait without realizing it.

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