Google Webmaster Tools Redesign

May 13, 2009

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The Google Webmaster Tools team has redesigned the interface of Webmaster Tools and has added some functions. This is only the start of what they are planning to do.

When you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account you will see at the top a link that says “Check out our new look”. This link will then take you into the new dashboard of Webmaster Tools. As you will notice the interface has been completely changed and looks somewhat like WordPress to me.

Once you click on a website that you have in Webmaster Tools you will then see several statistics about your website as well as a navigation on the left hand side. The team has now moved all sections together so it is easier to find everything about crawler issues in one place and so forth.

The left hand navigation can be minimized or extended with the + or – buttons. The user interface is really easy to navigate and allows some features of doing better searching with the search features at the top of the pages.

There is a video on YouTube that the Google Webmaster Tools team has made that shows some of the new features.

Google Webmaster Tools Video

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