What We Learn As Interns

Sep 23, 2014

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A look into we learn at Innovation Simple as we become professionals in our field

innovation simple interns learn

There are six of us here in the Provo office that are marketing interns. All of us are currently majoring in advertising or public relations and as such, we understand that gaining live experience in the field is important. So what have we learned as we’ve worked here at Innovation Simple?

Darby: How to Research

For Darby, it’s really been an educational experience on how research intense our field is. For her, the takeaway has been “how to research a client and topic and how to creatively write about that topic two or three times a week.”

Everyday we’re doing research on current events, clients (both potential and current), and topics that we’re writing about. Being able to find good outlets for information and be able to be consistent writers is one of the greatest skills that we learn here at Innovation Simple.

Eric: The Rules of SEO and the Changing Field

“I’ll take with me the lessons of SEO and consistent writing,” Eric said. He also said he’d remember “how hard it is to build a brand online.” It really is mind boggling how our clients’ industries are constantly in flux and how intense it becomes in trying to stay on top of covering those industries and trying to make connections.

Not only does the environment around the client change, but search algorithms and the rules that search engines run by change. Being able to build brands, make connections, and write well are skills that are key for us to learn during our time here.

James: Writing Creatively and Time Management

For me, writing creatively has been a big takeaway. I wondered how I would handle writing about clients that I wouldn’t even really think about in my spare time, but when I started doing work for the different clients, I discovered that I really enjoyed writing about new and different topics that I had never explored before. Who knew that I could become somewhat of a history buff?

We have a lot on our plate. We understand that we need to deliver quality content on multiple channels that include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and WordPress. This means that we are always working to stay ahead and up-to-date on our projects. This requires us to learn good time management to take care of our clients’ needs…

Innovation Simple does more than just improve marketing, it is also giving us as interns the opportunity to gain experience that will help us in our future careers.

P.S. As an interns, we’re a lot like Fozzie in the video… just if you were wondering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijix-9oRi3I

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