Why Football is Fun for Everybody

Oct 4, 2014

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You don’t have to be a fan of the game to enjoy the goofs.

Almost all of us that work at the Innovation Simple office in Provo are college students. As such, we’re much more likely to watch a college football game than an NFL game, but here’s the thing: football season is great because whether or not you really enjoy football, you get to see great video clips of happenings on the field.

Whether it’s a sweet play (minus the golf and baseball plays)…

Eastern Michigan trying to knock through a brick wall…

Or a great takedown of an Ohio State student by the football strength and conditioning director…

(The coach is actually a really cool guy if you were wondering.)

…Football always delivers in its entertainment.

(Sure, sometimes you might get a boring game, but all the better to enjoy your time with friends and family… and grab some kettle corn while you’re at it.)

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