Why Good Design Matters

Sep 24, 2013

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Vintage Coca-Cola Design

Anyone who has started their own company knows that there are a million different steps involved in operating a small business. Sometimes, in the beginning stages, as priorities are jumbled, design is overlooked. Oftentimes, design doesn’t make it on the priority list at all. Many small companies, in an attempt to save time and money or both, neglect good design because there are so many other things to worry about.

But, even though it continually falls low on the priority list of many companies, it’s likely that design will actually have a very large impact on your company’s future—here’s why:

1. First of all, most Americans have been spoiled with good design. Companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, all have beautiful design which, believe it or not, has had a big impact on the success of their companies. Because there is a constant intake of good design that most Americans receive, bad design will almost always be ignored (or if noticed, it will immediately be spotted as bad design).

2. Good design is practical. You won’t know how much you appreciate the simplicity of big companies’ websites until you visit some small company sites and you’re immediately lost. The fact of the matter is, most potential customers will give your website ten to twenty seconds before they decide if it is worth their time. If your website is not clean and attractive, most viewers will not go to the trouble to figure it out, and they will leave.

3. Lastly, good design sells. Remember that saying you can’t judge a book by its cover? Well, most people do. Most people are drawn to good design, whether they realize it or not. The way something is presented will say something about the quality of your company and will have a real impact on the way that people respond to your company’s mission.

So before you decide to make some design budget cuts, consider what good design could actually do for your company! And then let us show you how it’s done!

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