Why Relationship Marketing is Essential for Your Social Media Presence

Jul 15, 2013

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In the social media world, building a relationship with your fan base or customer pool is important to engage and inform them of news, updates or fun facts about your business.

There are some things to do to create great relationship marketing with those you are targeting in your business. Here are a few.

Create Awareness

Creating awareness of your company’s brand and services is one of the first things to do with your social media account. Whether it’s in a form of a tweet, a picture or a post, it’s in the first few seconds that you can lose interest in a potential customer if you do not create awareness of what you have to offer to them.

Spread the word faster

Remember ten years ago when you would receive your news and updates or scores of your favorite sports team? Social media is currently the main channel where fans follow and get live updates on their teams. By having a social media account for your customers, it helps spread the word faster than radio stations or TV stations.

Cultivate Relationships

Traditional marketing such as billboards, ads on TV and newspaper inserts have their place for certain businesses. In today’s world, cultivating relationships with your customers and your business have taken over in the marketing world. Relationship marketing is reaching out to your customer base and keeping them engaged not only with your products and services, but through your online community and helpful content.

Crisis Control

Addressing customer needs and how you respond to their complaints is through continual interaction online and the strength of your company’s social media presence.

One case of how a company did not resolve a crisis right away was when Dave Carroll, a Canadian musician, had his guitar broken by United Airlines baggage handlers. United refused to pay for his guitar and in return, Dave Carroll made a YouTube video that went viral and United’s company stock went downhill as an immediate result.

How does your company use relationship marketing to its advantage with your social media accounts?

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